Saturday, July 11, 2009

Restless Souls in the Alpine Lakes

That would be the souls of my trail running shoes. They're restless and my feet are beat! My spiritual soul is just fine-very at ease actually! As most of you know I am currently working on a backpacking book. It is a little different than the standard backpacking books out there. It is meant primarily to be for weekend backpacking. Most of the trips are in the 18-25 mile range making them perfect for a one nighter for strong hikers are an extended trip for those who wish to linger. The book will include 70 trips from the Olympics to the Blues and almost all of these trips do not require a car shuttle-another hindrance to convenient trekking. The book is also meant to compliment the Day Hiking series--so if you like/have my day hiking books you'll want to add this volume to help you go a little farther down the trail. The research for this book is demanding. I currently have 49 more trips to complete --and mind you that I only have a few months to do it. So, how am I doing it? Well despite that the book is a backpacking book-I'm not actually overnighting on every trip. I'd like to-but time is a ticking. So, good thing I am a marathon runner because I am putting in some serious mileage-making sure the trails are fine-water sources are good- campsites are decent-all of that good stuff. I just finished my last two days over in the Salmon La Sac Area. Thursday did a 21 mile day hike to Waptus Lake and beyond- and yesterday did a 16 mile hike to Deep Lake. Good stuff-you are going to love hiking to these places-but do me a favor and spend some time-will ya? Okay-this week I'll probably be over in the Rainier area-and back in time to do my presentation on the Entiat at WTA's Trailsfest. Stop by and chat-I'll let you in on a few of the places in the new book. Some are popular-but others are hidden gems-all good stuff. Okay I need to rest before I head out again. Ciao.
(photo-Deep Lake from above-boy was it a big drop-1,200-feet worth-and climb back out!)

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