Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Big Four Ice Caves
The abridged version!

No, the caves haven't gotten any smaller. They fluctuate in size year to year and they're just as icy, cavy, and impressive this year as always. What's abridged is the trail-A bridge once again spans the South Fork Stillaguamish River making this hike once again accessible to all and safe and perfect for families with children. Since the bridge and trail reopened two weeks ago, an avalanche of hikers have been flooding to the ice caves. But, this trail and bridge can take that sort of avalanche and flood, some come on down and check this very cool natural landmark out. And let's hope that this new bridge can withstand the next set of winter torrents that Mother Nature has in store.

(picture-the old destroyed bridge is now a memory like the old Big Four Hotel)

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