Monday, July 13, 2009

A lot can change in 16 years

Which is why if a trail is going in one of my guidebooks, I head out to hike it again regardless if I have hiked it in the past-especially the distant past. I have read far too many guidebooks that have me questioning whether the author had actually ever hiked the trail--or hiked it within the last decade or two. Not the case with mine-I hike the trails-all of the trails-and again if may be as soon as I contract to do a new guidebook. I want my readers to be assured that they can trust my info-especially important information like whether a bridge is missing-as such is the case of the Waptus River Trail. Now does this still mean that my books are error free? Of course not-errors occur when you are putting together 85,000 word manuscripts and several people are working on production. But fortunately the couple of errors that have crept up in my books have been small and are quickly fixed in subsequent printings. I do my damnedest to make my books accurate. Of course, you my dear readers can help me out if you notice that I made a mistake-or if something new happens-like say a bridge washes out-I greatly appreciate your support and hearing from you. Enjoy the trails and stay-up-to-date on the conditions. The Waptus Bridge has been out since 2006. Back in 1993 when I had last hiked the trail (before last week) a majestic bridge spanned a roaring and intimidating stretch of the river. Ah memories-and a much easier hike!

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