Friday, May 11, 2012

White Deer and Psychedelic Vans
Welcome to Doe Bay

I was recently invited to spend a couple of nights at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island while I researched the island's trails for my latest guidebook. I accepted the generous invitation and prepared myself for a glimpse into this famous (or infamous) Northwest retreat. I was well aware of the resort's eclectic, eccentric, and fascinating history-most notably as a place where hippies and other counter-culture types have long been coming to. The resort has gone through a few changes over the past decade; and while it definitely still caters to the hippy sect-it appeals to the more mainstream as well. It is noted for its sustainable practices and its cafe serves locally grown and harvested organic foods. Nothing alternative there-that's a practice that is quickly being accepted by folks of all political leanings and lifestyles. My stay was peaceful and while I did encounter fellow hikers and paddlers at the resort, there were definitely plenty of disciples of different dance beats than the ones I usually waltz to! The place definitely has a 1960s-early 70s flashback feeling. Even the wildlife here is grooving to a different circle of life. My second day, I opened my door to savor the morning sunshine and what did I see? A- I- kid you not-white deer! Whoa-some one put some Jefferson Airplane on, for I'm about to go chasing white deer! I missed the opportunity to photograph it, but was able to take a few shots of a psychedelic van by the bay-I couldn't have staged that one! But while I was out hiking later in nearby Obstruction Pass State park, what did I see there? Whoa-another white deer! Actually a white deer with some funky blotches! Just what kind of mushrooms are those deer grazing on? Or better yet, did I graze on something funky earlier-were there really white deer frolicking around Doe Bay? Is the White Knight talking  sdrawkcab yet?

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