Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tread lightly and mind your manners on this trail!

I think that one of these days when I get a break between putting out hiking guides (I am currently working on three new ones-so this won't be for awhile!) I should put together a little photo-book on humorous signs in the backcountry. A couple of my favorites I have shared with you in the past is Feces Alert and Bury your Poop- two signs that I plan on carrying with me to upcoming political rallies! But here's one I like, "Sylvia Creek Trail is a Sensitive Trail!" Does that mean that this trail will coddle me and make me a cup of hot chocolate when I am having a bad day? Be a great hike for someone going through a divorce, death, or financial meltdown? A new kinder gentler type of trail? Just what is a sensitive trail? I know what sensitive habitat is! But a sensitive trail-truly it must call for walking softly-and leave the big stick at home!

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