Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day!
I must admit that I am traditionalist though, and I don't care much for a generic President's Day. I believe that we should honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as was originally intended on their birthdays--and not just have an excuse for a three day weekend. I believe this for all holidays and I am glad that we haven't corrupted Independence Day, Christmas and Veterans Day with this sort of thinking! Many people today have no idea why we even celebrate Martin Luther King-George Washington-Abraham Lincoln and Memorial Day-it is just a sale! Sigh-And as far as celebrating any president-I don't wish to include a handful in a generic celebration of chief executives. Ugh-perhaps we can dedicate April Fools Day to some of our worst presidents-but alas in our age of partisan polarization I believe that we would rate these presidents by our own political leanings. I try to stay objective and as an historian I like to proclaim that two of our greatest presidents ever were Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman. I would vote for either one of them if the were running today! I'd like to leave for you an interesting article from the Daily Green on the ten greatest environmental presidents. Roosevelt is the greatest as you can image-and Richard Nixon is in the top also-Nixon would have been one of the greatest residents ever if it wasn't for Watergate. Carter is one of the greatest environmental presidents we ever had too, but also one of the worst presidents overall! Oh, well-the article is worth a read even though it leans pretty left-but then again they did give a Republican the highest honor (and the worst too-but they didn't think too highly of Andrew Jackson either). Okay-have great day and thank these guys for a day off -sigh-

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Pocahontas hiker said...

I am glad for the presidents that signed the docs for creating our national parks too!