Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter in the Olympics!

No, not the Vancouver Winter Olympics, although they are definitely worth writing about. Great to see the good ole U S of A is bringing home some medals-and some great skiing and snowboarding from my New Hampshire, Vermont and Quebec brethren. We eastcoasters can ski! When you learn how to ski in New England, you can ski anywhere including the slop on BC's Cypress Mountain. And cheers too to our speed skaters-someone has to keep those Koreans working hard. And great to see the Canadians score well on their home front!

But still, as much as these Olys are fun, nothing beats Lake Placid in 1980 when we fought World War III and sent the Russians back to Moscow to pound their skates at the Kremlin and ask, "Who will bury whom?!"

Anyhow-if you are a fan of me on Facebook you probably have noticed that I just posted a bunch of great news on our Olympics-the Olympic Peninsula that is-compliments of the Peninsula Daily News of Port Angeles. Check out this good news when you take a break from watching Shaun White orbit the planet-

1. North Olympic Land Trust turns 20 years old!
2. Hurricane Ridge Road is getting close to reopening
3. More fishers are reintroduced to the Olympic National Park
4. Olympic National Park may add some acreage near lake Ozette.

All good news indeed for one of the finest regions/places on the planet!

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