Thursday, February 04, 2010

Time for some good ole fashion mud-slinging!

Sorry my partisan friends, not that kind of mudslinging. But do go right ahead and continue to sling mud at Obama, Pelosi, Reid, McConnel, Boehner and any the other politicos that are currently driving you crazy. Why should Beck, Olbermann, Hannity and Matthews have all the fun?

But, seriously if you want to partake in some clean mud-slinging-actually slogging-head on down to Portland's Forest Park. While this amazing urban hiking destination with its over 80 miles of excellent and well maintained trails is unsurpassed when it comes to a major metropolitan area wilderness park--never have I hiked such muddy trails!!! And this is a mild winter with below average rainfall. The mud traps along the Wildwood Trail can swallow a small dog or child. Be sure to wear good boots, long pants and maintain your balance! And of course if you are taking along some little tykes for a hike-particularly young boys-be forewarned about the potential mud bathing and splashing that may occur. So-go ahead and partake in a good ole fashion mud sling and head to Portland's Forest Park soon!

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