Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scruffers and Giuseppe Couldn't be any happier!

This morning's routine was the same. Up at 5:45- feed the kitties, start the coffee (actually the other way around-start the coffee-feed the kitties-sorry guys-priorities!)-snag the newspaper-grab a cup of joe-plop down on my favorite chair-and then wait for Scruffers to jump in my lap and we begin to read the paper together. Mostly the same ole same ole-Health Care showdown- Gov. Gregoire still waiting for money to fall out of the sky to balance her budget-heartbreak in Haiti-car crashes-gang violence-lost souls and wasted lives-but wait-what's this?- a story about China that doesn't involve their eminent takeover of the world! Why yes! Scruffers' ears perked up-Giuseppe's too who took a break from grooming himself on the couch-can it be true?
The headline read-
Chinese legal experts call for ban on eating cats and dogs

There may indeed be hope for our little furry friends after all. Pugs and Shar peis rejoice for your brethren!
(photos-above-Giuseppe "Could it be true?-below- Scruffy Gray "Say what?!")

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!