Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giving Hunters a bad name!

Story in the Seattle Times today about a poacher (notice I didn't say hunter) caught bagging an elk in Olympic National Park. You make me sick you piece of merda (Italian for excrement). It's garbage like you who give real hunters a bad reputation. Real hunters are stewards of the land, not plunderers. Real hunters adhere to our laws and respect the fact that hunting is not allowed in our national parks. Heck, nearly 90% of the public lands in Washington state are open to hunting-so it's not like there aren't any decent places to track down an elk. Poaching is a real problem on our public lands as well as illegal harvesting of plants. These are our lands and we should be alarmed over the selfish, greedy and stupid people that plunder them. His sentence was light--but I'm glad he got bagged. There's a real need for more law enforcement on our public lands. Will our elected officials slash these budgets too? It could spell even more problems on our public lands if they do so. In the meanwhile, report any illegal activities you see and help protect our public lands!

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