Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The End of Winter!
Well, not really, but its the end of real winter for me as I am now back home in the mild Pacific Northwest! The eastern half of the country is experiencing real winter with real cold and real snow and I really enjoyed it while I was back there! No matter how long I have been out here in the Pacific Northwest, winter to me means bitter cold winds-fire red sunsets-skeletal birches against a gray sky, ponds frozen solid that crack and echo in the silent January air-sitting around a wood stove sipping hot chocolate in a picturesque village that kept Revolutionary War soldiers and colonial farmers snug and warm. Winter in New England is special and if you don't like the snow and cold you best not think about relocating in New Hampshire and Vermont. But if you love snowshoeing and cross-country skiing across rolling hills and charming villages or skating Charlie Brown style around a small pond in a town common-northern New England your place in January. Now, back in the Pacific Northwest where the mercury dances at 50, I can once again don shorts and enjoy snow free hiking. And let me tell you about some of the best snow free winter hiking in America. Come attend one of my upcoming talks. Hate snow? No problem-the lowlands of Western Washington will spare you the blanketing white stuff!

(photo- Me at the NH Audubon Massabesic Center)