Friday, January 08, 2010

Having a Blast reading about hikes in my Past!

I get a kick out of reading some of my earlier writings. Occasionally I'm embarrassed over what I wrote (usually it involves the grammar, not the content) and from time to time I'm a tad bit smug, thinking, "Wow! Did I write that? Not bad for a hack!" Anyhow, some of my old writings are floating around there in hyperspace-a good reminder to always think about what you write-for it is out there forever-and the last thing you want is for one of these incurable STDs (Stupidly transcribed dialogues) staying with you forever!

Some of my friends and regular readers stumble upon some of my old writings from time to time and are also sometimes delighted in them. Some of my favorite past pieces and stories; and ones that I am convinced helped get me to where I am today, are from the time I wrote for the University of Washington Daily. I wrote a weekly column for three years entitled, Go take a Hike. It was quite popular and s lot of fun to write. Here's a link to a piece I did back in 1997 on hiking Washington's National Wildlife Refuges. All of the featured refuges in this article have made it into one of my books. Ridgefield, Nisqually, and Dungness Spit are in my new Winter Hikes of Western Washington Card Deck. Check out this story and others from my past-Enjoy-and Go Take a Hike!

(photo-old shot from the Daily-that's me on the left 13 years younger!)

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Alan said...

Hey, lookie there --- hiking in snow in shorts just like normal!!! Nothing has changed! :)

Nice photo Craig.