Thursday, December 10, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt
and Woodrow Wilson deserved the Nobel Prize

It was 103 years ago today that one of America's greatest presidents ever, Theodore Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize-for get this a real accomplishment! The driving force to ending the Russo-Japanese War (with the peace treaty being negotiated in my home state of New Hampshire- little aside here), Mr Roosevelt actually worked for peace and made major accomplishments. He did more than just give a speech. President Wilson was awarded the prize in 1919 for his efforts to establish a League of Nations, even though it ultimately didn't come to fruition. Still, though Wilson (while controversial for his Palmer Raids and other acts) accomplished much while in office including Woman's suffrage (although he was opposed to it for much of his political life). Roosevelt and Wilson were two American presidents that deserved the Nobel Peace Prize! (Carter received the prize after he was in office). Roosevelt was a young bold leader (our youngest president ever) who lead during the turn of a century ushering in much change and challenge. He gave good speeches, had high ideals, and accomplished much. I'm proud of him, one of the greatest US presidents ever! Today I ponder if the Nobel Peace Prize means anything anymore. Just some food for thought.

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