Friday, December 11, 2009

An early Christmas gift
in the form of some protected islands

Things are looking good in both my home state and adopted state this month for some new island preserves. Here in the Skagit Valley despite the dismal economy, the Washington State Parks Commission has given the go ahead to purchase 96 acre Kikit Island and add it to Deception Pass State Park. I can't wait to check this gem out.

And over in New Hampshire, in the island town of New Castle. one of the oldest communities in the country (settled in 1623), the townsfolk have voted on purchasing three small islands for conservation preserves. Surely both the NH islands and WA island would have fallen to second home development if these important purchases weren't made. Despite the fact that we are in a terrible recession, we must still come up with the resources to protect our natural resources. A silver lining of course is that with the depressed real estate market-some real bargains are out there! Okay-I have plenty of other places on my Christmas Conservation List. I've been really good this year-Santa are you listening?

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Anonymous said...

That's such very good news!!! Thanks for letting us know!