Thursday, November 05, 2009

Don't Hibernate This Winter!

The days are now short. The rains are now long. The hardwoods are almost barren. And the ground is fully saturated. The mountains are beginning to look a bit like winter. But whatever you do-do not-absolutely do not stop hiking! My latest release, Winter Hikes of Western Washington will give you 50 reasons not to store away your hiking boots in the next few months. Winter Hikes is a full color over-sized card deck (but still a guidebook-just a neat format here meant for you to take a card and go!) of 50 hikes that for the most part (last December exempted) remain snow free all winter long. Unlike many other parts of the country, Western Washington remains green-and fairly mild during the winter. You can easily hike here in December, January and February. And since many of your fellow hikers are busy putting on extra pounds sitting around the TV, you can hit some trails that may be quite popular during summer-but are quite quiet during winter. My 50 hikes selected include a wide array of destinations from lakes, to ocean shoreline, Puget Sound Islands, mountain tops, urban backyard wildernesses, and teeming with birds wildlife refuges. And the geographic range? All over Western Washington from the Columbia Gorge to the British Columbia Border. Cape Disappointment to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. Check them out and let me know what you think. See you on the trail this winter!
(Click on the Top photo to order. Click on the bottom photo to see the 5o hikes included in the deck)


Crzydazy said...

I purchased this on-line at Amazon when I saw this post. Forgot about it, then was super excited when it came in the mail today. I love it! Totally awesome!

Craig said...

Glad you like it Crazydazy! I'll be doing some slide shows on the Eastside this winter. Hope to see you there!