Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pee, and they will come!

Have you ever wanted to get a great photo of a mountain goat? Let me tell you how to get a killer shot with three easy steps-well actually two easy steps. The first step is hard. Bust your butt getting up into the Enchantment Lakes Basin. Step Two. Drink lots of coffee and/or water beforehand. Step Three. Pee on a rock. Now wait. Voila! A goat will materialize out of nowhere!

On my recent trek across the Enchantments I stopped for a mid afternoon break to relieve myself. Making sure that I was urinating in an environmentally correct way, I hosed down a nearby granite ledge. You don't want to squirt the vegetation because those salt-craving resident goats will tear up the turf slurping up your urine-ade.

Talk about a conditioned response. Those resident goats know the sound urine makes when its dancing off a rock. As soon as I was done, a big ole goat came lumbering out of nowhere to sample the freshly made hot Italian soda. He loved it! I enjoyed photographing him. So Art Wolfe, is this the secret to your great wildlife photos? More than a few of your images are real pissers! Drink up my fellow wildlife photographers and hit the trail!

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Giuseppe said...

Hot Italian soda? Eeew!