Friday, September 04, 2009

Four Score (in just two weeks)

In a crazy way I welcome the rain this weekend. I was going to head out once again, but you know something? I'm beat! Could it be because I have done four 20+ mile day hikes within the last two weeks--196.5 miles of backpacking and hiking for the month of August!? No wonder I'm tired! But what a sweet pain--this has been a great hiking season and it is not even close to being over yet. I've got Rainier back on my mind for next week and Mount Adams, Indian Heaven, the Blues, and the Salmo-Priest are all in the autumn line-up. My latest killer hike was this past Wednesday with friends Kristan Carver and Kent Wright-we embarked on a little 23 mile hike to Kaleetan Lake- started at the Granite Mountain Trailhead and came out via Denny Creek. Kaleetan is a real gem--probably the loneliest lake within the busy I-90 corridor. Consider an overnight there if you wish to escape the crowds of Melakwa, Olallie and Talapus Lakes--and why would you even want to camp at those lakes in the first place? And if Kaleetan is a tad bit too far for you, Pratt Lake and Lower Tuscohatchie are quite lovely too. Details for this adventure can be found in my upcoming Backpacking Washington book. In the meanwhile see you on the trail this autumn!

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Jackie said...

Wow, you sound busy! Hope you got some rest.