Monday, July 27, 2009

Hidden Wilderness?
Try the East Humboldt!

In reference to Lauren Braden's WTA Signpost blog post today about Hidden Wilderness, if you really want to sample a hidden wilderness in the lower 48, try the East Humboldt in northern Nevada. Unlike the nearby more popular 93,000 acre Ruby Mountain Wilderness (a spectacular place and one of my favorite hiking haunts) the smaller East Humboldt Wilderness protects 36,000 acres of the East Humboldt Range and sees nary a soul. Perhaps that it is pushing 90 degrees right now in Western Washington is why I am waxing nostalgic over Nevada hiking! But don't think that this wilderness is a desert wasteland (not a real wasteland mind you). There are lakes there and they hit the spot after hiking through brushy prickly open slopes under scorching sun. Made the area sound enticing uh? Seriously, check this place out sometime. And for more info on all the wild areas of Nevada (no, not Vegas and Reno-the other wild areas) visit Friends of Nevada Wilderness. But just in case you're not interested in hiking in the Silver State, you don't have to go all the way to Nevada right now if you want a hot hidden wilderness. Right here in Washington we have our own little hot hidden wilderness. Juniper Dunes anyone? Its only 103 over there right now!

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