Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wheels of misfortune

I don't know about you-but lately I have been seeing more and more evidence of illegal intrusions by the wheeled set. And I'm not just talking renegade ATV and dirt bike riders here-I'm talking about scofflaw mountain bikers that in many ways are turning out to be worst than the dirt bikers. For the most part, folks who engage in these activities are law abiding and decent folks. But there are some rabble rousers out there who like to ride their machines where they aren't allowed. Get over it- life has rules and we can't just do what we want to do. I recently came upon fresh ATV tracks in Vanson Meadows in the Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument (pictured on right) and mountain bike tracks on the Pacific Crest Trail near the Norse Peak Wilderness. With public land agencies operating on bare bone budgets that leave them with severely understaffed (if any) law enforcement departments-it is no surprise that SOB throttle-brains and girdle wearers are encroaching into areas that prohibit their activity. So where does that lead us the law abiders who cringe at this encroachment? Have you encountered one of these renegades in your hikes? How have you dealt with them? What can we do about these brazen law breakers? I for one welcome stiff penalties for these law breakers and a budget that allows for law enforcement to be on the trails catching these bastards. They'll continue to do this if there is virtually no way they will be caught and or held accountable for their actions. Like I said earlier-I am seeing more and more of this activity and I have been hiking for a long time. It's time to derail these scofflaw mountain bikers and dirt bikers before this problem becomes even worse!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's terrible! Those mountain bikes really ripped up that meadow in your photo! It's amazing how much damage a single inconsiderate rider can do.