Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's So Hot Out Today!
How hot is it?

I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking!

Giuseppe and Scruffy Gray are not happy kitties today as the thermometer pushes past 90. Giuseppe is a Maine Coon with a thick coat of fur-and Scruffers is an old rescued kitty who has had a tough life as it is. Hey what's with this heat they're thinking. I thought we were in the temperate Pacific Northwest. Definitely the hottest weather I've been in here in my 20 years of living in Washington. So its time for a little trip down memory lane to put a perspective on this-

  • I grew up back east where most of the summer is hot and muggy!
  • I worked outside as a surveyor in Vermont in the summer of 1988, a record year with nearly half of July's days recording over 90 degrees
  • I spent two weeks in the Amazon back in that same year!
  • I've hiked in France in July and in Sicily in June- chaud and caldo!
  • I hiked in Ybycui National Park in Paraguay- mucho calor!
  • Hiked in Nevada and Eastern Oregon in August!
  • Bicycled across Kansas, Colorado, Utah and southern Idaho in May and June in temps up to 110.
You know I'm feeling better already. Of course my buddies Marty and Rob in south Florida are saying-get over it and have yourself a margarita! Not a bad idea-but what can we give the cats?


Ingunn said...

My viking blood is absolutely boiling in this heat! I was hoping to get out and hike this week, but I might just have to hide in the basement with an assortment of fans.

Oh, and Nevada in August - you are indeed a brave man!

Air said...

Well, we had good timing! We just got back Sunday from our WA trip and had amazing cool weather the whole time. In Packwood it hit 84 and everyone was telling us to make sure we stayed indoors! "Find a cool place to eat that sandwich." It felt like 74 to us and we loved it. Coming back to Florida the temperature was about the same but stepping off the plane felt like stepping into a sweaty sock.

Btw, one of my favorite day hikes we did in the OP was your "Extending your Trip" option on the Third Beach hike. We went over Taylor Point and had a blast on the rugged trail. We saw 6 or 7 backpacking groups headed for Toleak point, but no other dayhikers.