Monday, April 27, 2009

On the Radio!

This week Tune in -Turn on-Hit the Trail!
I'll be coming at you over the airwaves twice. On Wednesday I'll be on Steve Scher's Weekday on Seattle's KUOW 94.9 FM. To you conservatives out there-that's an NPR station. Hey-I voted for McCain, so you guys can listen in for an hour! You might learn something!

On Friday I'll be on Lisa Bradshaw's show on Wenatchee's KPQ 560 AM. For you liberals out there, that station carries Rush Limbaugh first, so don't tune in too early. But don't worry- I think Rush is a fool too when it comes to conservation issues, so lend me your ear. You might learn something too! And Andy Dappen will be joining me for this program.

Seriously, both shows will be a lot of fun and the emphasis will be on hiking in Washington with a few conservation issues intertwined. I'll be looking forward to your call when we take them from the audience.

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