Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forget the Tulips-
Let's hit Anderson Mountain!

From my home office window I stare out over the Skagit River to Blanchard and Anderson Mountains. Many a Northwest Hiker is well aware of Blanchard-but not many know of Anderson. In fact, if you were to ask many a Skagit County resident-you'd get a blank! Yet, Anderson is a fairly prominent peak rising over 3,300 feet above the Skagit Valley just a few miles east of Alger. It's owned mostly by private timber companies and the WA DNR. But the good news is the Pacific Northwest Trail traverses right over it. And while the peak is forested there are some nice clear cuts here and there. Nice clear cuts did you say? Heck yeah- they allow some amazing views from Lake Whatcom in the north to the San Juan Islands, the Skagit Flats and the Olympic Mountains to the south and west. And on this particular sunny Sunday there was no one out out there- no one except for a cougar that left fresh tracks in the snow and lots of winter wrens. The hike from the Alger CCC road is a good workout- 7 miles one way and about 2800 feet of vertical. Still lots of snow on the top but a good choice for a spring warm up. I'll probably put it in one of my books eventually-so get out there now before it gets "discovered." But, even then you'll have a hard time prying away most people from nearby Blanchard.

(photo- Heather hikes by a nice clear-cut view of Lake Whatcom)

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Barbara C said...

Great tip, thanks Craig! I'll have to check it out. Keep up the good work :)