Sunday, March 22, 2009

Washington Wilderness Coalition's
Photo of the MonthEach issue of Washington Wilderness Coalition's monthly e-letter includes a picture of the month of Wild Washington photographed by a WWC member or supporter. This month's photo of the month comes compliments of moi. It is of one of my favorite places in the state, the Kettle River Range, a large roadless area that I (and many other conservationists) hope that will soon be included in federal wilderness. Left out of the 1984 Washington Wilderness Bill, the Kettles have long deserved protection being one of the wildest and prettiest regions in all of Eastern Washington.

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Summer storm clouds dance over a procession of lofty peaks (Scar, Wapaloosie, Columbia, Sherman, Snow, Bald and White). The view south is grand from 7,140-foot Copper Butte, highest summit in the 75 mile long Kettle River Range and centerpiece of the 29,000-acre Profanity Roadless Area. Transition zone between the Cascades and Rockies, the Kettle River Range is an important land bridge harboring a wealth of flora and fauna including several threatened and endangered species. Photo by Craig Romano, used with Permission. Craig Romano is author of Columbia Highlands: Exploring Washington’s Last Frontier, and several other NW guidebooks. Visit him at

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