Thursday, March 19, 2009

President Obama:
Stimulate This!

The Obama Administration is throwing around money like a trailer park hick who just won the lottery. And I pray that in a couple of years my country doesn't end up like that reckless hick-broke! (No offense intended for frugal hicks). Anyhow, needless to say I have mixed feelings on the current spending frenzy the Obama Administration is partaking in. But let me say this. If my tax dollars (and dollars that are just be printed out of thin air) are going to go to bailout bums, swindlers, hustlers, shysters, and morons-well can we at least get some of that money going into trails, parks, and recreation areas for we honest folk? It would be nice to send some of the manufactured windfall to help maintain and build new trails. Open and maintain parks. Add new parks. Employ rangers, naturalists and law enforcement officials. Build urban parks and greenways and rail trails and help get America's increasingly lazy and nature-deficit youth out running and hiking and biking in the great outdoors. How about it President Obama? Any money for worthy causes? If you are going to throw it out there, I'd rather my trails and parks receive some of it instead of GM, AIG, and God knows where else you are going to spend with reckless abandonment. And I thought that George W Bush was fiscally imprudent. Oy vey!

(photo-Snohomish County's Whitehorse Trail could use an influx of money to get its entire 27 miles open to the public)


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Oy vey indeed! I don't think anyone can beat W. At least Obama is "throwing around money" to try to help the economy rather than his corporate buddies to get rich off blood and sweat of people around the world.