Monday, March 23, 2009

Get Ready to Chisel
"National Scenic"
into that boulder!

There is still hope for National Scenic Trail status for the Pacific Northwest Trail and the New England Trail as well as hope for over two million acres of new wilderness from Oregon to Virginia. After the let down two weeks ago of the House failing to pass the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, a new version was taken up by the Senate last week and it passed overwhelmingly by 77-20. The House should be taking the bill up on Wednesday and it should pass easily. Still, I refrain from tipping my glass of Chianti until I see the final roll call. And unlike many of our public leaders who didn't read the Stimulus Bill before signing it-I actually read through this bill. There is a lot of things to like about this bill especially as an advocate of natural resource protection and historic preservation. Among the tidbits in this bill are several new Civil War National Historic Sites, a President Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site (C'mon people-he was one of our presidents and W will get one too) and enlargement of the Martin Van Buren NHS (I kid you not!), a Cold War NHS, a possible Harriet Beecher Stowe NHS, new National Heritage Corridors in New England and elsewhere, new wilderness areas in Michigan and West Virginia and a South Park National Heritage Area in Colorado! Wow, I never knew Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman were such national treasures. Seriously though-there is much to like about this bill-check here to see what is coming your way if the House follows through for us. I'm looking forward to all the new great places to visit coming my way.

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Andrew said...

Not so fast. Looks like Rep. Doc Hastings is holding up that bill with an amendment to allow guns in national parks. Way to go, Doc!