Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This past weekend Heather and I headed up to Surprise Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness to celebrate a special anniversary. It was 12 years ago that Heather and I took our first hike together (our second date) and was here at Surprise. Back in June of 1996 we started out in pouring rain and had the sun coming out. This year we started in light rain and had pouring rain at the lake! And it was cold too!
Back then we just went to Surprise and back and those 9 miles were enough for Heather. This year we kept hiking- to Glacier Lake, then up and over Trap Pass to Trap Lake-onward to Hope and Mig Lake and out the Tunnel Creek Trail. It was then a run down Forest Service road number 6095 and a run down US 2 until trail (or rather highway) angel Steve Leary (a fellow hiker who took pity on us) stopped and gave us a ride back to our truck at the Surprise Lake Trailhead. It was a 17 mile hike at that point and another great memory created in our 12 wonderful years together.

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