Friday, August 29, 2008

Not Impressed!

While Giuseppe may not be impressed with my Best Hikes with Dogs Inland Northwest Book, you may be. Now, while definitely catered to hikers of the canine persuasion, dog-less hikers will find much to their liking in this book too. For one thing, this guidebook is the most comprehensive of any on the Kettle River Range in Northeastern Washington. You'll also find some great hikes in the Selkirks, Palouse, Tiffany Highlands, Idaho Panhandle, Cabinet Mountains of Montana and the Bitterroot Divide of Idaho and Montana.

And if you live in Spokane come see my slide show and book talk on hiking with your dog at REI on Monday October 20th. Come back on Tuesday October 21 and see my talk and presentation on hiking in the Kettle River Range and other wild areas of Northeastern Washington. I think Giuseppe is going to pass on those events. He wants to know when I'm going to give a talk on the Missing Lynx, Catamount Trail, and Kendall Catwalk instead.

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