Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Giuseppe says "Meow the Vote"
If you're a Washington State Voter, today is primary day. Don't forget to get your ballot in. And this year you'll be voting in a blanket primary-which means that you can vote all over the place on the party spectrum. Which is good-and despite the fact that I tend to favor one party, I do split the ticket. In 2004 I voted almost fifty-fifty Democrat and Republican. I vote for the person-not the party. And while its tough today finding candidates that I relate to-there are a few out there. I do hope that we'll see the likes of Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt, Dan Evans, JC Watts, and John Chafee again. And I do hope we'll see the likes of Democrats like Harry Truman, Al Rosellini, Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson again. Unfortunately the parties are coddling too many extremists likes Republicans "Home-makover king" Ted Stevens and Larry "I am not Gay-yeah right" Craig; Democrats Jim "I love you Saddam" McDermott and Maxine "What's wrong with socialism?" Waters- total extremists all of them! Vote for the person, not the party!
I'm casting my ballot for Rick Larsen my Democratic Congressmen and Dino Rossi Republican for governor. I'm especially supportive of Dino. Gregoire has been a financial disaster-and as far as our public lands-they don't seem to be of much importance to her-she's too busy doling out tax dollars to bureaucrats and to fund entitlement programs. Dino cares for our state parks and while state senator he served as a director with the Washington Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the Mountains to Sound Greenway.
Now Giuseppe, named for one of the greatest Italian statesmen in history, Giuseppe Garibaldi, loves the idea of voting for a fellow Italian-American for governor, but he thinks the Demo-cats sound good. That's Demo-crat, Giuseppe and just like many of their fellow GOP solons, most of them are far from purr-fect!

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