Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spring Time in the Forest Three longtime friends of pioneer guidebook author Ira Spring would like to have Spring Mountain officially changed to Ira Spring Mountain to honor this champion of hiking trails and Washington wilderness. The mountain lies on a ridge just north of Pugh Mountain and west of Bingley Gap. Not an imposing or well-noted peak, but a worthy one never-the-less to carry the name of one of the Northwest's most known and beloved conservationists. Draped in old-growth forest and surrounded by some of the most spectacular wild-country in Washington, Ira Spring Mountain would be in the center of it all-yet not the center of it all. A lot like Ira! Read the recent story in the Everett Herald about the name change move and attend the hearing if you can.

(photo- Doug Romano looks out over (Ira) Spring Mountain (in front of Sloan Peak) from Mount Pugh)

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