Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stand Watch before its Gone
Just when you thought those crazy bureaucrats at the US Forest Service (with thanks and support from an uncaring president and congress) couldn't possibly let our public lands fall farther into disrepair-comes the Olympic National Forest Plan which purports to not only let scores of our trails fade into oblivion-but also-are you ready for this one-decommission the Kloshe Nanitch restored replica fire lookout. What the.. ?! Can you overseers of our public natural and cultural heritage possibly show any more neglect? Not since the liquidation of our old-growth forests has the Forest Service been so inept at managing our public lands. I am sick of this wanton disregard and mismanagement of our-my-your- public lands! Congress wake up! Fund our land! The heck with bridges to nowhere, welfare for people who don't even belong here, tax breaks for agri-business- Start funding our national forests! And Mr. President? Just how much have we spent on Iraq so far? What about our own lands? Dismal! Senator McCain or Obama whenever which one of you two takes office in January, do this country a favor and start reading Theodore Roosevelt's biography if you haven't done so already. After 16 years under the Clinton and Bush administrations, the Forest Service has to be revived. I'm counting on you guys. Actually the an entire country of public lands loving people are!

Kloshe Nanitch is Chinook for "stand guard" or "stand watch." We all need to stand guard and protect our lands! For a description of the great hike leading to this excellent site, click here.

Get out there and hike it-then demand that it be protected!

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