Friday, June 06, 2008

Romano's Favorite Hiking Haunts No. 3
Ontario, you say? The province of Toronto and over 1/3 of Canada's 33 million residents? The province of vast lakes, rivers, and the Great Lakes? A much better paddling than hiking option surely. Yes; but Canada's most populated province also contains hundreds of prime hiking spots. Granted, you won't find any big mountains here. But what you will find is classic Canadian Shield topography-some really rugged landscapes and some huge parks and wilderness areas.

Some of my favorite Ontario destinations so far have been Killarney Provincial Park home of La Cloche mountains, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on Lake Superior and the Bruce Peninsula National Park, a rugged escarpment that juts into Lake Huron. Next week I'm off again to Ontario for new adventures, among them a little paddling on McCrae Lake, the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Petroglyphys Provincial Park, Awenda Provincial Park and Sandbanks Provincial Park. I'll be writing about all of these places of course. And if you want to read about some of my previous adventures, check out the Weather Network's Park Report and the July/August issue of Paddler magazine.

(photo- Killarney Provincial Park)

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