Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trail Treasure
Last week while Alan Bauer and I were roaming the trails in and around Stehekin in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area we stumbled upon a little trail treasure. Two unopened cans of beer! Yahoo! Now, there was a time when I would have without hesitation plopped down, popped er open and downed er. But alas, I'm older now, more responsible, smarter (I think) and knew if I did, the following would probably happen:

1. An upset stomach. God knows how long that thing has been sitting under snow and in the sun
2. A sudden urge to nap
3. And a sudden urge to abandon any more work for the day

So, I reserve my beers now for the end of the day and ones that I purchased or at least weren't found on the trail. But I add- money, sun glasses, and the occasional gear left behind on the trail is treasure that I still quickly put to good use.
(photo by Alan Bauer)

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