Monday, April 28, 2008

"… possibly the most beautiful wildflower you will find"

So stated C. P. Lyons, in his "Wildflowers of Washington" (Lone Pine Publishing, 1997) book about Lewisia tweedyi, better known as Tweedy's Lewisia. An endemic in the Wenatchee Mountains and parts of the Methow Valley and BC's Similkameen Valley, it truly is a showy flower and a rare gem. I recently stumbled upon a batch of Tweedy's Lewisia growing along the Lower Mad River Trail near Entiat in Chelan County. They were growing 1.5 miles up the trail if you are interested in seeing them for yourself. And after you do see these showy flowers, stop by at the Forest Service Ranger Station in Entiat and ask them why they are no longer maintaining one of the finest low country trails in the Wentachee National Forest. Find out too why no volunteer groups have jumped in to help rescue this trail. Maybe its your opportunity to help take back our trails. Enjoy the hike and help save our trails in the process.

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