Friday, May 02, 2008

Skagit City?
I'm a history buff. I'm a bicycling buff too. Growing up in New Hampshire I loved bicycling all over the place in search of historic villages, buildings, bridges, sites, etc. I ended up riding my bicycle across America three times and halfway across Canada. Then I moved to Seattle and found the congestion, crowded bike paths and urban sprawl less than desirable for an enjoyable spin. But alas I left the city of hurried people who never say hello and uptight liberals who want to change the world but don't take the time to get to know their neighbors- Moved to Skagit County and I love it. It's a lot like New Hampshire, 'cept with a Northwest twist. Great place and with rural roads, an active population and lots of friendly people (and almost all of them say hi) its a great place to bicycle. One of my favorite rides is out to Fir Island and the site of Skagit City. Once one of the biggest communities in the county its now mainly a memory and an old school house. You'll have to check it out! And as far as Skagit County history, you'll have to check out the upcoming Skagit County Land Trust Book. I'm writing a chapter in it and it is heavily historically leaning.

(photo-old Skagit City schoolhouse on Fir Island)

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