Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Campaign Fools

Flash! Hillary is dropping out of the race! McCain advocates for troop withdrawal! Obama actually has a plan behind the rhetoric! Bill shuns the spotlight-Michele is proud of her country-and Cindy is a dog!

April Fools! It's back to the same ole same ole on the campaign. So, on a lighter note-Heather and I celebrated April Fools Day this year by partaking in the Cowlitz Valley Running Club's Annual Running of the Fools 10K race down in Longview. A great time on a flat and beautiful course along the Columbia River. It even snowed at the start-perhaps Mother Nature sent ole Al Gore a little April Fools prank of her own.
(photo- a foolish author at race day start in Longview WA)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Craig,
I couldn't find an email addy for you so I'm trying to reach you here.
I work for the Quilcene Chamber of Commerce and help maintain their web site among other duties. I just found your beautiful photo of the Lower Quil river area. I was wondering if we could use some of your images on our site.. Please let me know how you would want to set that up.
Jim Jenkins