Monday, March 31, 2008

New Hampshire honing in on all time snow record

While it continues to snow here in Washington state, my home state of New Hampshire on the opposite side of the country continues to receive its fair share of the white blanket as well. With over 112 inches of snow fallen this winter on NH's capital city, Concord, only the winters of 1872-73, and 1873-74 were snowier (well at least since they started recording back in 1868). And while 112 inches is a lot of snow -over nine feet worth- other parts of the state were buried deeper. Pinkham Notch in the White Mountains has recorded over 135 inches this winter. Mount Washington, New Hampshire's highest point (6,288 feet) has seen over 170 inches of snow. And Diamond Pond near Quebec in NH's North Country has been buried with over 200 inches- almost 17 feet worth of snow! While warm weather is currently arriving in the Granite State, Concord may not see its record shattered this year (but then again, who knows?) but certainly points north will still see some more snow. And here in Washington state? Same story-lots of snow-except we are still waiting for our warm weather to arrive. Please....

(photo- Francestown, NH in December 2007 at the beginning of this crazy snow year)

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