Sunday, February 24, 2008

Samish Island Cycling

When is an island not an island? When’s its Samish Island! While Samish ceased being an island in 1932 thanks to tenacious farmers filling-in mud flats and enterprising engineers building a dike for a highway, it still feels like an island. Slow pace, isolated and surrounded by marvelous maritime views! The views north to Lummi Island and the BC Coast range are particularly delightful. So is the one east to Baker rising above Blanchard Mountain. And of course there are great views too west to the San Juan Islands (real islands) and the Olympic Mountains. Yesterday Heather and I took advantage of a spring-like day and cycled from Padilla Bay to Samish and back. What a day- and what a beautiful corner of our new home, Skagit County. We could only reflect on how crowded the Burke-Gilman bike path back in Seattle must have been. You can have it! We’re never going back!
(photos- Heather at DNR Samish Island Beach, Lummi Island from DNR beach)

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