Saturday, February 23, 2008

BC’s Campbell Valley is Hmm Hmm Good

Nestled in a quiet nook a mere couple of miles north of the US-Canadian Border is BC’s Campbell Valley Regional Park. One of the most popular places to go for a hike or horseback ride in the lower Fraser Valley, very few Americans have ever stepped foot in this 1,400 acre greenbelt. For the outdoors minded residents of Bellingham, it’s definitely worth braving the border and making the 25 mile trip north to this park.
Established in 1973, Campbell Valley is one of several parks managed by Metro Vancouver, a regional authority consisting of 21 municipalities in BC’s Lower Mainland. Metro Vancouver’s Regional Parks consist of nearly 32,000 acres and all are easily accessible from BC’s main population base. They’re pretty easy to access from Washington’s north Puget Sound population bases as well.
Campbell Valley is an ideal place to stretch out your legs during the winter and spring months. With over 20 kilometers of hiking trails and several more kilometers of multi-use trails you’ll have plenty of terrain to explore. Highlights include extensive marshlands with boardwalks to bring you deep into it. The property also includes historic barns and a one room school house. There are lots of fields to roam too; small ponds to admire and plenty of wildlife and fresh air. The park is one of the nicest Northwest urban-area parks that I have explored. Check it out. From White Rock located just over the border exit BC 99 on 8th avenue and follow this road east to the park’s main parking lot and visitor’s center. Enjoy.
(photo-Little River Loop Trail CVRP 02/08)

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