Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back by Poplar Demand
The Pacific Northwest is certainly known for its conifers. Some of these evergreens rank as the biggest trees in the world. But what few people realize is that a deciduous tree, the black cottonwood can give its coniferous cousins a good showing. A poplar and member of the Willow Family, Populus trichocarpa can grow to heights exceeding 200 feet. That’s tall for any tree and especially impressive for a deciduous tree. Cottonwoods love to grow along river banks and along British Columbia’s Fraser River you can find some impressive groves. On a recent trip to Fort Langley I spent some time hiking the trails of Derby Reach and Brae Island Regional Parks. Both parks occupy rich flood plains and river bottomlands. And both parks are graced with giant cottonwoods. Quite a sight-check them out sometime and enjoy the excellent trails of both these fine parks.
(Admiring a cottonwood at Derby Reach)

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John Bryson said...

I love the huge trees out here.