Thursday, November 29, 2007

Looks Like its Gonna Be An Olympics Christmas!

My recent release, Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula has been selling well this Christmas season. Good! I want see lots of you out there exploring this fascinating region. My book is the most comprehensive day hiking guide to the region. You'll find 125 hikes. Over 2/3 of them you can do all year round, so you can head right out the door on Christmas morning after getting this book.
My guide also highlights parts of the peninsula that usually don't get covered in guidebooks such as the south flank of the Olympic Mountains. You'll also find in this book a handful of hikes on the Kitsap Peninsula, Grays Harbor, the Capitol Forest and the Long Beach Peninsula, one of my favorite places in the state.

Check it out-you'll be happy with this guide. And you may want to browse your favorite online bookstore for my newest book, Day Hiking North Cascades. It will be out in March and you can pre-order it. You'll find 125 hikes in this one too. There are hikes in the Mount Baker Area, Mountain Loop Highway, North Cascades Scenic Highway, the Chuckanuts, Methow Valley, Skagit Valley, and the San Juan Islands. And my promise to you like all of my guides-you will get the most up-to-date and accurate descriptions. I hike all the trails in my books and they have all been done recently.

If you like these guides and I know you will-there are two more coming out; Day hiking Central Cascades (spring 2009), and a Backpacking Washington book. Yahoo-enough research to keep me busy and enough hikes to keep you happy!

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