Tuesday, November 27, 2007

End of a High

End of a high pressure that is. Well, it finally looks like we are going to get some typical late fall weather around here once again in the Pacific Northwest. The snow levels have dropped, the rain has begun, the days are once again dreary. But boy, were the last few days nice. What a Thanksgiving weekend! Actually, what a great November overall! A far cry from the deluges of last November.
It may very well be a good ski year here. Global warming alarmists will have to take a break until our first summer heat wave! Seriously though-I've lived in th e Pacific Northwest for 17 years and I can recall only a handful of really cold and overly wet winters. It's been pretty mild out here. Great for running, but not so good for skiing. But it looks like this winter I may have to visit the slopes a little more often. And of course get caught up on my next book during those days that just aren't too inviting to go out and play.
(Photos- Windy Point -Iron Goat Trail 11/25: Goose Rock-Deception Pass State Park 11/20- both locations are in my upcoming book, Day Hiking Central Cascades)

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