Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The View from Pugh
My recent climb of Mount Pugh off of the Mountain Loop Highway had more significance than just subduing another peak. It was the last hike I needed to complete for my upcoming Day Hiking North Cascades Book (Mountaineers Books, Spring 2008). What a hike and what a day and what a relief to be done with the research. I first hiked this amazing mountain back in 1991 and it was great to revist it-this time with my wife, Heather and my brother Doug from New Hampshire. The hike is a challenge and there are parts to it that'll jitter your inners. But if you are sure-footed, able to tackle 5,300 vertical feet, aren't afraid of a little exposure (okay more than a little) than you'll probably want to head out and tackle this North Cascades classic. Of course, you can just read about it in my upcoming book, too. And speaking of upcoming books, I am already busy working on my next one, Day Hiking Central Cascades (Mountaineers Books, Spring 2009). Yep, once again, I have lots of research ahead of me. At least this time I am getting a little (okay, more than a little) help from photographer, Alan Bauer. Happy hiking!

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