Wednesday, September 05, 2007

High Praise for the Columbia Highlands

My Columbia Highlands: Exploring Washington's Last Frontier book recently received high praise in the North Columbia Monthly. The NCM is a great regional publication covering the lifestyles, issues, politics, history, and culture in northeastern Washington. In the review, written by editor Steve Rumsey, it appears that the book succeeded in its mission. Every point that Steve made about the book's content were exactly the points that I as well as my partners in Conservation Northwest wanted to come through in this publication. We are happy that it is succeeding in its mission to get this little known but extremely biologically diverse and important part of the state the recognition and protection it deserves. To learn more-visit the links above or come to one of our upcoming multimedia book talks. I'm scheduled to appear at the REI in Seattle on October 11th and the REI in Spokane on October 18th. Hope to see you there.

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