Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And that's the truth, Ruth!
With my gratitude to Spike Lee for lifting a famous line from Do the Right Thing, I am just about done writing my latest guide book, Day Hiking North Cascades. Man, talk about another incredibly arduous, amazingly rewarding project. Writing a book is like running a marathon. You have to pace yourself and stay focused-and the closer you get to finishing, you want to quit 'cause you just hit the wall. But just like coming over the finish line- when you see your product in print and people enjoying it-it was all worth it! Just a few more pages to write, a couple of more hikes to revisit, and a few more photos to take and I am done! Then what? Begin my next book of course-and that's the truth, Ruth. And that mountain to the right is also Ruth-you'll find her in my new book on the hike to Hannegan Mountain.

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