Sunday, April 02, 2006

Meanwhile on the Makah Reservation: Welcome
But Bring Cash!
Perhaps the Quileutes should take a trip to the Makah Reservation and see how they are handling trails on their reservation. The Quileutes as you may recall, have closed access to the very popular Second Beach Trail over a dispute they have with the National Park Service.
The Makahs however, have taken on an entirely different approach. After years of closing off the Shi Shi Trail, they have rebuilt it. And it is built well too. A wonderful trail. Good parking and a trailhead privy to boot. The catch? You have to pay $10 now to use it. But hey! That's their right-it is their land. The Makahs have instituted a Recreation Pass. It is $10 for the calendar year and it gives you access to not only Shi Shi Beach, but also to the beautiful Hobuck Beach and the breathtaking Cape Flattery Trail.
So how about it Quileutes? Reopen your trail? You can probably make a few bucks out of the deal and let a whole lot of families have a great hike this summer. And besides it probably won't hurt your PR either.

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