Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Springtime in the Rainforest

Forget the Cascades. Forget the Olympic Mountains, too. There's a lot of snow out on our trails this season. Tough for spring hiking-but great for our forests-perhaps we won't have a terribly bad fire season this year. But, if you're itching to shed your snowshoes and skis for hiking boots-you may feel like you'll have to wait a few months to hit the trails. Well, it's springtime right now in the Olympic Rainforests where you very rarely ever have to worry about encountering snow!
The photo on the right was taken in the Queets Valley last week. The Queets, you say? Isn't that road washed out? Yes-but I know the secret way into the valley via adjacent National Forests roads. I'll reveal this passage later. But, back to my point. I have been working hard on my next hiking guide to the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest Washington. Since February 2nd I have hiked nearly 300 miles in 50 locations. My point? There's lots of spring hiking out there-you just need to head to our more temperate environs.
I'll reveal some of these locations in upcoming entries-but I'm also hoping you'll be intrigued enough to buy the book when it hits the stands next spring. After reviewing it-you'll never be at a lost for springtime hiking again-regardless of how much snow falls in the highcountry the winter before.

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