Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Ancient Cedars of Willapa Bay

Where can you find some of the oldest and grandest cedars in Washington State outside of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains? How about Willapa Bay in the extreme southwestern corner of the state? Yes, Willapa Bay! In a sea of industrial tree farms, there are miraculously, a few remnant ancient groves among them. The cedars are found primarily on two tracts in the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.

To view these awesome trees, you'll have to get in a kayak or boat and head to Long Island-then hoof a couple of miles. Or-you can snoop around Teal Slough to see some mega-trees like the one pictured above. Teal Slough is not too far from the refuge headquarters. But, despite their girth the trees aren't easy to find for the casual visitor. But-next year when my brand new hiking guide to the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest Washington hits the bookstores-you'll be able to find these trees on your own! The ancient cedars of Willapa Bay are just a few of the surprises that you'll find in this new book. I'll release more details about this project in the coming months.

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