Friday, July 15, 2011

Fifty for Fifty Update

The White River 50 Trail Run is rapidly approaching--the target for My 50 for 50 campaign, which is my attempt to run 50 miles in celebration of my 50th birthday raising $10,000 for the Washington Trails Association along the way. Am I ready? Before April of this year I was not an ultra runner. From April to June I ran in and successfully completed four runs of at least 50Ks including the incredibly challenging Lost Lake Ultra.

I’ve done a lot of sustained elevation runs too—runs of two to three thousand feet of elevation gain. A lot of cycling as well—I’m just not made for running day after day. I’ve had a couple of setbacks—a long illness in February and March that hurt my training and after 50 years I developed an allergy to peanuts! Do you know how many peanut products I have consumed for power food? Do you know how many products contain peanuts? I have had to change my training diet and be vigilant about not accidentally ingesting these beloved tubers. Just think—no more Reese’s peanut butter cups. Sigh.

I have trained in three different shoes-Brooks, Oboz and Montrail and haven’t decided which ones I want to wear for the race. I tried new shorts and packs. I’m set on my Bridgedale socks. I’ll take the early 5:30 am start—I probably won’t get any sleep the night before anyway. What’s my strategy? Run steady and strong in the beginning taking advantage of shade and cooler temps. Eat and hydrate constantly. Take electrolyte tablets and other goos, gels and beans. Summon inner strength and do a little soul searching along the way too.

And how’s the fundraising coming? I still have a way to go for my goal, but the donations are coming in! I have currently collected over $2,700 for our trails. The Cowlitz Valley Running Club was the latest of our Washington Clubs to make a generous donation. I hope a few more running clubs will make a donation as well. And of course all individual donations are accepted no matter the amount. Donate $40 or more and you’ll become a WTA member. Visit to contribute. Please help me make my fundraising goal. I'll work on the running goal! And if you already donated--thanks!!! Our trails will be better because of you!

(photo-Trail running at Hozomeen Lake in the North Cascades-photo by Alvin Crain)

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