Tuesday, July 26, 2011

50 for 50 Coming to a Finale

Since the beginning of the year in celebration of turning 50 I have been training hard to compete and complete my first 50 mile trail run . I chose the White River 50, which with its 8,700 vertical feet of climbing, is not exactly the easiest 50 miler I could have chosen. But it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, prestigious, and well-organized. There will be a record turnout this year too-nearly 300 folks have signed up. The more the merrier for helping me stay excited and focused to run 50 miles in a day. The weather is looking good and may even be warm on parts of the trail-particularly the appropriately named Sun Top. I'll be wearing a camelback and packing lots of bars, gels, goos and electrolyte tablets. There is a 1.5 mile of trail still covered in snow and that may prove problematic. I have 14 hours to complete this course and I need all the time I can get! I hope the snow only proves to be a minor nuisance.

I am in my taper mode now-doing easy workouts and trying to stay focused. I've learned on my training runs that a couple of things help get my heart going on a long run-scantily clad good-looking women (has experienced at the Rainier for Ruston  50K) and a charging moose (as experienced in the North Cascades on a training run). I am anticipating neither at White River so I'll need other motivators and adrenaline rushers!
I am looking forward to crossing the finish line-and putting to end a six month focus, adding it to my  life experiences and challenges. I am looking forward too to turning over a sizable amount of cash to the Washington Trails Association as part of my fund raising efforts in this run. Will you please help me do this by donating if you haven't yet. Thanks! And thanks too to all of you who have encouraged me along this very long journey. White River 50-here I come! And after this, marathons will look like easy runs!

(photo-Fourth of July Pass-Ross Lake National Recreation Area)

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