Friday, April 15, 2011

A Si of Relief (and Joy)!

Okay-first of all I want to apologize for the long lapse of time between entries. I have been busy beyond belief! With the launch of my new book, Day Hiking Columbia River Gorge, assignments for, Seattle Met, Adventures NW, Northwest Runner, and a few others-I can't keep up! And of course there is the launch of my 50 for 50 fundraising campaign for the Washington Trails Association in which I am training to run and complete the White River 50 mile trail run in celebration of my 50th birthday and to raise $10,000 for trails here in Washington.
With our country buried deep in debt and Congress slashing the budget; trails and parks are feeling the pain. Now, more than ever, we the people need to take responsibility for funding and caring for our parks. The Washington Trails Association provides thousands of hours of trail maintenance on our public lands-and they represent us trail users going to bat for us in Olympia and Washington DC. So far, I (thanks to many of you) have raised almost $700 for WTA. Yahoo! I am excited for this response and I thank you.
Last week was also a milestone for me in that I ran and successfully completed my first 50K (31.1 miles) trail run. Taking just over 6 hours to complete, I participated in the Eastside Runner's Mount Si Ultra Runs. Directed by avid hiker and runner John Dickson, it was a great event, even though the weather wasn't optimal. But for the most part I was able to stay dry, and with the help of a drop bag was able to change into a dry shirt 10 miles into the run. I ran the entire race with Mike Mahanay who provided me with lots of support. He's a veteran at this Ultra stuff. I've only just begun-and I still have lots of training to do to reach 50 miles. Egad!! In the meanwhile I hope to see you on the trail and see your name on the donor list for 50 for 50! (photo-All smiles at the first kilometer. Photo by John Dickson)

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